This double storey addition to a single storey weatherboard cottage in Abbotsford, Melbourne is positioned in the centre of the 9m x 10m backyard.

There is a narrow connection to the existing back room, which contains the living areas and kitchen. Two new back doors flank the connection, allowing for a circular route through the garden around the new addition.

Carved out of the double storey volume are two external covered spaces, one on the ground, the other on the first floor, fortuitously in line the Collingwood Town Hall clock tower, which can be seen over the roof of the existing house.

Planting has been re established around the additions, selected to thrive in the varied microclimates. On the north side, an above ground rain garden filters all stormwater.

The backyard had been built up 0.5m above rear lane level. By excavating back to natural ground level and stepping both the new rear living room and the garden down to lane level, the overall height of the additions could be kept to a minimum and a new gate now allows for rear access.

The new main rooms, a bedroom upstairs and and a living room downstairs both have windows on all walls, providing expansive yet intimate connections to the garden and surrounding views.