One of the many modestly simple brick veneer government houses, this one was built in 1960 in Canberra’s inner south. Sold several years after its construction, it was extended no less than four times in the next 20 years, including a second storey by Cape Cod Industries Pty Ltd in 1978.

This project demolishes all alterations and provides increased accommodation on a single level, with a footprint no larger than the expanded 1990 footprint by tighter planning, plus better orientation to the north (driveway side) and the rear garden.

‘Fantasy’ pattern breeze blocks are used as screens on the west (front) and the east (rear) elevations to modulate sun and views and to add allure to the modest front entry.

An internal courtyard provides a circular route through the house, maintains natural light and ventilation to the original bathroom and sends north light deep into the southern side of the house, where three bedrooms replace the Cape Cod two and the third lost to the stair.

The extensive use of new and recycled concrete in elements such as brickwork, tank base, window sills, Terrace slab, crazy paving and breeze blocks are a tender salute to the original salmon concrete bricks, that they are fine just as they are.